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Lombard, IL Heating & Cooling Installation and Repair by Leslie Heating & Cooling

After spending a day learning the history of Lombard at its historical museum and strolling through the beautiful paths of Lilacia Park you want to go home to a comfortable living space. Don’t let a poor performance from your home’s heating or air conditioning systems ruin that. You should be totally satisfied with the quality of comfort in your home, and if your system is letting you down in any way it’s time to call Leslie Heating & Cooling. We’ll handle all your Lombard, IL heating and cooling installation, repair or maintenance services so that you can be assured the comfort levels your home will be maintained.

Heating Installation, Maintenance and Repair by Leslie Heating & Cooling

Regular, professional maintenance of your home’s heating system goes a long way in ensuring a continued, quality performance from your heater. However, even with good maintenance problems do arise. When you need your heating system repaired the professional technicians at Leslie Heating & Cooling are standing by. With years of field and customer service experience we are familiar with all home heating methods. Whether your radiant system needs repair or your heat pump is no longer performing effectively, we can handle any problems you’re having. If a replacement is necessary we’ll discuss all your options and help you find the replacement heating system that’s right for you and your home, so call now learn more.

Leslie Heating & Cooling Air Conditioning Service in Lombard, IL

Summertime in Lombard provides residents with lots of opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of their village. When you’re ready to cool off at home, though, a poor performance by your air conditioner can seriously affect your comfort. Luckily Leslie Heating & Cooling is here to make sure that you are getting the most out of your home cooling system. Our regular maintenance services will get your air conditioner ready for the hottest time of year while allowing us the opportunity to catch any developing problems before they become more serious. If your air conditioner is beyond repair we can handle any replacement installations professionally and reliably. Let us help keep you cool this summer.

Leslie Heating & Cooling Indoor Air Quality Service in Lombard

Depending on many factors, such as the age of your home, surrounding environment and general cleanliness the quality of your indoor air supply may not be living up to your standards. If this is the case, an indoor air quality system may be the right choice for your home. Maintaining comfortable temperatures indoors is a great convenience, but it often means sealing up your house for long periods of time to keep that conditioned air inside. Don’t let trapped contaminants continuously circulate throughout your home. Call Leslie Heating & Cooling to learn about your indoor air quality options. From media filters to UV germicidal light technology, our technicians have kept up with innovation in the field. We’ll help you design the right system for your home step by step, so call today to begin the purifying process.

Commercial HVAC Installation, Maintenance & Repair by Leslie Heating & Cooling

However you use your commercial space, comfort for your employees, tenants and customers is the key to success. No one wants to feel trapped in an uncomfortable environment. Let Leslie Heating & Cooling handle all of your commercial HVAC WORK. We’ll have rooftop units working properly and commercial boilers operating efficiently. We’ll set up zone control systems with you to ensure you know where all your power is being used. Call us today to set up HVAC service with our trusted, professional technicians.