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Elmhurst, IL Heating and Air Conditioning Service by Leslie Heating & Cooling

Incorporated in 1882, Elmhurst boasts an incredibly transit–friendly location and 22 parks covering 450 acres of public land. With plenty of dining and its own symphony orchestra you won’t be at a loss for things to do in Elmhurst. When you’re ready to go home at the end of the day, Leslie Heating & Cooling will make sure you have a comfortable environment waiting for you. Call us today to learn about the full line of Elmhurst, IL heating and cooling services we provide.

Heating Installation, Maintenance and Repair by Leslie Heating & Cooling in Elmhurst, IL

There are few things as comforting on a cold night as a warm, cozy home to come back to. Leslie Heating & Cooling wants you to have the warmth and comfort you deserve, and we’ll do everything necessary to make sure that your heating service is reliable and uninterrupted. If you have a heat pump that doesn’t seem to be pulling its weight, air registers that aren’t putting out the volume of heat you need, or a furnace that’s costing you a bundle to operate, Leslie Heating & Cooling can help. We’re familiar with all types of home heating systems and the multitude of problems they can have. When you call us for service you’ll get professional, reliable maintenance and repairs. We’re confident we can help you stay warm throughout the season.

Leslie Heating & Cooling Air Conditioning Service in Elmhurst

Your air conditioner may not run all year round, but when the hottest months are creeping up you need to know that it will be up to task. A simple phone call to schedule a maintenance visit from Leslie Heating & Cooling is all it takes to ensure that your air conditioner is ready to perform. No matter how you cool your home our technicians can keep your system running smoothly, be it a central forced air system, ductless mini splits or any other method. We have the experience you want and the knowledge you need when trusting someone to service your cooling system, so call today and be prepared for anything summer has in store for you.

Indoor Air Quality in Elmhurst, IL by Leslie Heating & Cooling

Reliable temperature control is only one step in creating the most comfortable environment possible in your home. Don’t let pollutants and allergens put a damper on your comfort. If you’re not totally satisfied with the quality of the air in your home, Leslie Heating & Cooling can provide all the information and expertise you need to set an indoor air quality system for you. We have a solid, working knowledge of all air quality components, filtration and purifying methods so you won’t have to guess how best to improve your indoor air quality. Our technicians will have you breathing the best quality air possible in your home.

Elmhurst, IL Commercial HVAC Installation, Maintenance, Repair and Replacement by Leslie Heating & Cooling

When it comes to your commercial space’s heating and cooling system, don’t take any chances. However you utilize your commercial space, one thing is certain. Any employees, customers, clients or tenants are going to expect a certain level of comfort in this setting. Don’t let poor HVAC performance send a bad impression. Leslie Heating & Cooling will do all the work to keep your packaged units, duct systems and air handlers working properly and efficiently. We’re proud to help you succeed in any way we can, so let us handle any HVAC service your commercial space needs.