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Clarendon Hills, IL Heating and Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Maintenance by Leslie Heating & Cooling

Clarendon Hills is the perfect place to spend any season in Illinois. Whether you’re enjoying a winter day on the trails or taking in a Dancing in the Streets music performance this summer, Leslie Heating & Cooling will make sure you’re able to relax in comfort once you’re back home. Don’t let a poor performance from your heating or cooling system detract from your good time. We make your comfort our top priority so you can focus on the finer points of life in Clarendon Hills. Call us for your Clarendon Hills heating and AC installation, repair and maintenance needs!

Heating Installation and Replacement in Clarendon Hills by Leslie Heating & Cooling

Your heating system needs to be reliable when the cold weather comes rolling in. At Leslie Heating & Cooling we’ll be sure to have it running at optimum efficiency and performance levels to guarantee the comfort of you and your family this winter. Getting the most out of your home heating system starts with a proper, professional installation. Whether you choose to heat your home with a radiant system, forced air or are interested in heat pump technology, our professionals will help you choose your system wisely and perform a quality, reliable installation. When your old system is beyond repair call us for replacement service.

Hinsdale Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair by Leslie Heating & Cooling

Any industry professional will tell you that the best defense you have against needing costly repairs down the road is to have your air conditioning system regularly maintained. Leslie Heating & Cooling offers professional maintenance to keep your air conditioner operating the way it is supposed to. Even regular maintenance cannot prevent all problems your central, mini split or other cooling system may have, though. When your air conditioner does need a repair, call Leslie Heating & Cooling. We’ll have it working again as quickly and reliably as possible, so you lose as little comfort as possible.

Hinsdale Indoor Air Quality System Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Not only will Leslie Heating & Cooling keep the air in your home at a comfortable temperature, we can help maintain its quality as well. Call us to learn about indoor air quality options like humidifiers, purifiers and electronic air cleaners. We install, maintain and repair all of these systems with the same level of professionalism and reliability that we’re known for. Interested in UV germicidal light technology or wondering what exactly a HEPA filter is? We have all the answers you need, so call us today.

Commercial HVAC Installation, Maintenance, Repair and Replacement by Leslie Heating & Cooling

Ideally you’d never have to think about your commercial building’s HVAC systems. This may not be possible, but when your heating and cooling systems are giving you trouble all you need to do is call Leslie Heating & Cooling. Leave the rest to us. Our trained and certified technicians will install, maintain and repair any type or components of HVAC systems reliably and quickly. If you have a faulty rooftop unit we’ll diagnose and fix the problem with the same skill and knowledge we bring to a simple thermostat installation. Let us set up a zoning system in your building to distribute energy and track its usage. Whatever you want to get out of your commercial HVAC systems, Leslie Heating & Cooling can make it happen.