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Heating & Air Conditioning Service by Leslie Heating & Cooling in Bolingbrook, IL

With its falling property taxes, thriving business environment and focus on job creation it is no surprise that Bolingbrook is home to a diverse population of over 73,000 residents. With so many homes and businesses relying on their heating, cooling and commercial HVAC systems throughout the year a trusted, reliable service company is a huge asset. We encourage you to call Leslie Heating & Cooling when you need heating and air conditioning service in Bolingbrook, IL. We’re always here to provide you with our exceptional service, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any issues you’re experiencing.

Heating Service by Leslie Heating & Cooling in Bolingbrook, IL

Whatever heating issues you’re having, whether with a forced air central system or a faulty pool heater, Leslie Heating & Cooling has the know–how to fix the problem right the first time. Don’t waste your time with contractors unfamiliar with new technologies. We’ll have your heat pump maintained and repaired with just as much expertise as we will a gas furnace. Whatever you employ to heat your home Leslie Heating & Cooling is qualified to perform installation, maintenance and repair work for you. Don’t settle for uncomfortable temperatures this winter. Call us and enjoy a perfectly heated home today.

Leslie Heating & Cooling Air Conditioner Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Proper preparation is the best way to beat the heat this summer. Whatever air conditioning installation or replacement services you need, from thermostats to small–duct, high velocity cooling systems, Leslie Heating & Air Conditioning will have you set up for the heat in no time. Be sure to have your system serviced before the heat arrives. Regular maintenance is an integral step in ensuring your air conditioner is prepared for the strain you’ll be putting on it. It also provides us with a chance to identify and repair any issues before you are really relying on your cooling system to perform. Call us today and rest easy knowing that, when the heat arrives, you home cooling system is ready to go.

Indoor Air Quality System Installation and Repair by Leslie Heating & Cooling

Is the air quality in your home living up to your expectations? Don’t let uncomfortable humidity levels or polluted air in your home detract from your comfort. While you may not be up to date on the innovations in the indoor air quality industry, the technicians at Leslie Heating & Cooling certainly are. We want you to have the high quality air that you deserve, so call today to learn more about humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and mechanical filtration. We’ll help build a personalized indoor air quality system with you, as well as take care of all installation, maintenance and repair service, so contact us with any questions you have about these systems.

Commercial HVAC Service in Bolingbrook, IL by Leslie Heating & Cooling

If you’re concerned about the performance or cost effectiveness of the HVAC systems in your commercial space, call Leslie Heating & Cooling for professional inspection and maintenance. Don’t let underperforming units or inefficient insulation cost you money while leaving your space uncomfortable. Our professional team has years of commercial HVAC experience and we want to bring that knowledge to your systems. If you have reason to believe that you need HVAC maintenance, repair or replacement services, Leslie Heating & Cooling will make sure the job is done professionally and reliably. Let us get your commercial space in shape today.