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Did you know that nearly half the energy used at home is consumed by your heating and air conditioning system?  Your furnace and air conditioner can work in a single year the equivalent of driving your car over 200,000 each year!  Choosing to properly maintain your furnace, boiler, water heater, and air conditioner is pertinent to reducing carbon emissions, lowering utility costs, and reducing the risk of costly breakdowns.  When it’s time to replacing your system, making the right equipment choices can also save you a bundle and save the earth!


There are many ways to "go green" at home with your home comfort system.  The first element is to have your furnace tuned–up in the Fall and your air conditioner in the Spring according to manufacturer requirements.  We have service memberships available to make put this process on "auto–pilot" for all our customers.   Your equipment was designed to be maintenance to keep you safe and comfortable throughout the year.  If you drove your car as much as you condition your home you would need over 50 oil changes in one year!  Neglecting your home comfort system will only result in problems, for you and the environment. 


Follow these suggestions from Leslie Heating and Cooling to create a more "green", energy efficient home:

  • Have us install a programmable thermostat that will adjusts the temperature when you are occupying your home or business and when you’re away.  It doesn’t make sense to heat or cool when nobody is around.  This thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature just after you go to bed and before you wake up.  Then again just after you leave for work and before you get home.  Some reports say you can save up to 30% using this product.  Now we have thermostats you can control through your computer, smartphone, and other devices!
  • Use high efficiency air filters to help your equipment stay clean longer.  Remember, as filters get dirty they increase the pressure in your system which causes it to work a lot harder, so always change your filter according to the product design standards.  We have very special polarized electronic air cleaners that are designed to take out some of the most tiny particles in the air not only to keep your equipment clean, but to keep your lungs clean also!  Just remember, when your equipment gets dirty it cost you money, and cost the earth an ozone.
  • Assure your attic, crawl space or basement have adequate insulation.  Also, old doors and windows can cause real havoc to maintaining an efficient home or business.
  • When the sun is beaming through the windows in the summer, draw your window coverings closed for those peak hot hours.  Do the opposite in the winter time.  This will help with your utility costs and make all parts of the home much more comfortable.
  • If installing a new furnace, choose high efficiency equipment will reduce your utility bills significantly and will reduce carbon emissions.  For furnaces look for a high AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating when making the right selection.  Be sure and choose a unit that is at least 95% AFUE and you will see your monthly utility bills drop significantly over most existing equipment.  Most old units were only 78%–80% AFUE, so stepping up to 95%+ AFUE is a big difference.  The savings you will gain with lower utility bills will typically pay for the new equipment long before the useful life has expired.
  • If installing a new air conditioner, choose high efficiency equipment will reduce your utility bills significantly and require as much carbon emissions.  For air conditioners look for a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) when making the right selection.  Many units manufactured 10 years ago were in the 10 SEER range while units today can be over 20 SEER.   Going from a 10 to 20 SEER will cut your cooling costs in half.  You will find this is actually an investment since the savings off your monthly utility bills will have paid for the new air conditioner within several years.
  • When installing a new air conditioner, be sure to choose environmentally friendly refrigerant or Freon.  The old systems are R–22 which contains many CFC’s (Chloral floral carbons) that destroy the ozone in the atmosphere.  Be sure and get the right type of Freon for your system which is R–410A.  This Freon has been specially formulated to be more friendly to the earth and work very well in providing ice cold air in your home.
  • If installing a new furnace, air conditioner, or boiler, be sure to choose a service professional that does not just throw it away.  At Leslie Heating and Cooling, we donation the old equipment to families that recycling the scrap.  This supports other families economic condition and minimizes the mass impact on our landfills. 
  • Be sure to do business with a service professional like Leslie Heating & Cooling who will provide complimentary consultation as to what "Green" solutions will work best for your pocket book, your home or business, and the earth.  Some customers will not receive a significant financial benefit from choosing higher efficiency equipment as well as significantly contribute to decreasing their global toxic footprint on the earth.  We pride ourselves on providing custom solutions to our customers.
  • Heating, cooling, and indoor air quality solutions are not a once size fits all.  They must be custom designed to extract maximum benefit.  When you purchase a kitchen appliance, the stove or refrigerator comes in a single box, just plug it in and you’re ready to go.  The exact opposite is true of your home comfort system.  The entire home must be inspected to calculate the proper heating and cooling required, without guessing or judging just by the old equipment.  A lot changes over the years, and what type and size equipment that worked 15 plus years ago may not be the right choice today.  The ductwork system also must be inspected to assure the sizing is correct.  You can purchase the most expensive high efficiency furnace or air conditioner and only get 50% of the efficiency rating because the ductwork or installation was not designed properly.  We see it all the time!  There are many other factors involved and one of our home comfort specialist will be pleased to provide additional information.


There are many other items related to "Going Green" that will not only reduce contamination of the earth, but keep the dollars in your pocket book.  If you are interested in learning more or would like a customer system inspection of your equipment, call us at Leslie Heating and Cooling!  Our service professional are highly trained to provide friendly and professional solutions to any of your comfort needs.