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Understand the Importance of Filters and how easy it is to order new ones!

Changing your filters regularly keep your furnace or air conditioner operating properly.

What do clean filters do?

  • Keeps the equipment clean and safe
  • Extends the life of the equipment
  • Increases the efficiency of the equipment
  • Improves your comfort by removing particles from the air you breath

How often should you change your filters?

  • There are many types of filters
  • Different filters have a different useful life
  • Your lifestyle contributes to how often a filters needs replacement
  • Generally, you should get 1 month of use for every inch of filter width, for example, if your filter is 1 inch in width you should change it every month, if your filter is 2 inches in width you should change it every 2 months. Remember, filter technology differs so this is only a rule of thumb.
  • At a minimum all filters should be replace at least annually.
  • Remember, most equipment manufactures will void warranties if the filter has not been replaced regularly.

How do I get and replace new filters?

  • You can sign up for a maintenance membership with us and we will take care of it! Click on the top left link on this page to learn more.
  • You can click below to ORDER FILTERS NOW and we will ship them direct to you.
  • You can drive to your local hardware store and buy standard filters and watch our Instructional videos for installation.


              Now it’s easier to order your filters and it will save you money too!
              Leslie Heating & Cooling offers online ordering service for filters.
                                        It’s fast, easy and cost effective.

                                   Just click below on ORDER NOW and 
                                pick your filter from the drop down menu, 
                           and they will be shipped directly to your house!

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