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Thermostat Services in Naperville, IL by Leslie Heating & Cooling

Thermostats are relatively simple devices, but there has been a lot of innovation recently making them more effective and user friendly than ever. While older manual thermostats would maintain a temperature at a specific setting, today’s programmable models allow users much more control over the operation of their heating and cooling systems. You don’t even need to be home to know that temperatures are just where you want them to be. When looking for a new thermostat in Naperville, IL, be sure to consider all the options.

Leslie Heating & Cooling of Woodridge, IL services the greater Chicagoland area, including Lisle, Downers Grove, Naperville and Darien.

Manual vs. Digital

There is no right or wrong thermostat, just what is right for you. Thermostats of all types have become more accurate and reliable, including manual models. If you need a new thermostat but want to maintain a reliable, trusted design, stick with a manual model. If you prefer the convenience of a digital display but aren’t interested in programmability, you can opt for a digital non–programmable model. It’s a no fuss way to be sure you’re setting and maintaining the exact temperature you want.

Programmable vs. Non–Programmable

Non–programmable, digital thermostats are easy to use and maintain accurate temperatures; however, if you’re interested in a thermostat that gives you more options, you should consider a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to design specific settings for use in different situations. If you work regular hours during the day, you can set the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature when you leave or before you return home. This is a convenient way to save energy and know that your home will be comfortable when you arrive.

A pre–set schedule will lower your heating or cooling system’s output during the day, maintaining an energy efficient temperature, but there are also models with weekend and vacation settings. Never worry about leaving the heat on when you go on vacation. With the push of a button you can activate a setting that maintains a temperature just like when you’re at work but on a longer time frame. You won’t have to worry about your home being uncomfortable when you get back after a few days.

Energy Efficiency

Increased energy efficiency is a major benefit of modern thermostats. Non–programmable thermostats are more accurate than ever in maintaining of household temperatures. Programmable thermostats offer a multitude of customizable settings to be sure that you are using only the energy you need at the times you choose. Take advantage heating and cooling zones by using multiple thermostats to maintain different temperatures or different settings in individual household zones. The possibilities for energy efficiency have never been so easily managed.

Indoor Air Quality Capability

In addition to regulating perfect temperatures from your heating and cooling systems, some modern thermostats also allow you to control your indoor air quality devices directly from your thermostat. This is an effective, convenient way to ensure that your home’s air is not only comfortable, but clean and pure as well.

Internet (Wi–Fi) Thermostats

In today’s high tech and fast paced lifestyles, we’re always looking to get more things done with our time. An Internet–controlled thermostat has the potential to both save you money and help the environment. An internet–connected thermostat allows you to control your home or building’s heating and air conditioning systems while you’re away. This type of thermostat would replace your existing one and let you see and change the temperature in your home or business while you’re gone. Additionally, some higher–end models can also send alerts, warnings, and reminders. These devices connect to the internet connection in your home just like your computer, laptop, phone or tablet. If you appreciate the best technology, travel frequently, or have a vacation property that remains vacant for portions of the year, this device is a must–have. At Leslie Heating & Cooling, we have installed many internet thermostats for clients who want to connect to their home or businesses heating and cooling system using computer, smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad.

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