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Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Service

If you’re looking for a new, economical way to supplement or replace your home heating system, you may want to look into our outdoor wood burning furnace services in Naperville, IL. This is a simple set–up that features many innovative ideas and opportunities. If you are curious about outdoor wood burning furnaces, call Leslie Heating & Cooling to learn more. Our technicians can answer any questions you have about the products we offer from trusted, top rated brands.

Leslie Heating & Cooling of Woodridge, IL services the greater Chicagoland area, including Lisle, Downers Grove, Naperville and Darien.

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Installation in Naperville, IL

The installation of this type of furnace is actually quite simple. Your furnace will be placed on a concrete pad or blocks outdoors and a trench will be dug below the frost line in order to prevent any heat loss or freezing. This trench will house the insulated pipe that will transport the heated water between your home and the furnace, as well as the electrical line to the furnace. Depending on your existing heating system, these steps will vary.

One of the best features of wood burning furnaces is how customizable they are. They can be connected to a hot water heater to provide hot water as well as indoor heating. They can also be easily hooked up to forced air heating systems with the use of a heat exchanger. When you come to Leslie Heating & Cooling with questions about installing an outdoor wood burning furnace, you’ll get all the answers and service you need to guarantee a correctly sized, optimally performing furnace for your home.

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Maintenance and Repair

With proper, professional maintenance your outdoor furnace will provide your home with reliable, efficient and affordable heat for years to come. Don’t let any minor issues with your outdoor wood burning furnace go unaddressed. That’s how minor issues turn into serious problems. Luckily, these furnaces require little maintenance. The water levels must be checked and maintained, and the water filter must be periodically inspected and cleaned. Depending on how much wood you burn, the ash will need to be removed every month or two. Leslie Heating & Cooling is standing by as always to offer any help you require maintaining your furnace.

Should you run into a problem with your furnace our technicians can perform any repair service necessary. We know how much you rely on your heat and hot water, and we know that you need to trust that any repairs will be done quickly and professionally. We like to think that our years of experience and customer satisfaction speak for themselves, but we’ll let you be the judge. Call any time.

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Replacement in Naperville, IL

Our technicians are highly trained and skilled in maintenance and repair for wood burning furnaces in Naperville, IL. However, there comes a time when repairs are no longer justified and a replacement is needed. After years of dependable service from your outdoor wood burning furnace, don’t sacrifice efficient heating rather than purchasing a new one. With the high efficiency of these furnaces it will start paying for itself again in no time. If you think your furnace may be ready for replacement call Leslie Heating & Cooling to discuss your options.

We can take care of all your Naperville, IL outdoor wood burning furnace needs, so call today!