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Furnace Repair in Naperville, IL & the Surrounding Areas

If you’re looking to keep your Naperville, IL area home furnace running smoothly and efficiently, a thorough tune–up is well worth your consideration. There are many reasons to keep your furnace as well tuned as possible, but the bottom line is that doing so will lower your heating bills. That’s an incentive that most everyone shares, so here is some information about furnace tune–ups to get you going.

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Leslie Heating & Cooling of Woodridge, IL services the greater Chicagoland area, including Lisle, Downers Grove, Naperville and Darien.

Your home heating system likely consists of three parts: a thermostat, which registers the temperature in your home, and the heater and blower that it triggers when temperatures drop to a predetermined level. Combustion within the heater creates heat as the blower pushes air over the heat exchanger and disperses it throughout your home’s ductwork. Cool air is pulled back to the heater, and the process continues in this cycle. As you can see, the components of your heating system all work closely together and are dependent on one another. Should even one component not perform well, the integrity of your entire system is at risk.

When you call Leslie Heating & Cooling for a professional furnace tune–up you can rest assured that each individual component of your heating system will be up to the challenge of heating your home and that the system will perform at optimum efficiency. Our technicians have years of furnace maintenance experience and bring that background to every job they perform. We will complete a thorough diagnostic of your furnace and make any adjustments or repairs necessary to ensure that you’re getting the best possible output from it when temperatures start to drop.

A professional furnace tune–up consists of multiple steps, each important in ensuring the efficiency of your furnace’s performance. During a furnace tune–up our professional, skilled technicians will perform the following:

  • Check thermostats for proper operation
  • Inspect and change any filters
  • Test and calibrate all controls and electrical components
  • Ensure that there are no compromises in integrity that will allow for a carbon monoxide leak
  • Test Air Flow
  • Look for signs of improper combustion
  • Clean and oil moving components

Remember, furnaces may not be the most complex pieces of equipment, but they do have a lot of demand placed on them. It’s important that a trained, skilled technician maintains your furnace to keep it in proper working condition.

Furnace Tune–Ups in Naperville, IL by Leslie Heating & Cooling

While energy efficiency and the savings that accompany it are great motivators, don’t forget that furnace tune–ups are also important for the safety of your heating system’s operation. Any device or equipment relying on combustion inherently produces carbon monoxide (CO). In a properly working furnace this will be vented out, but a problem with your furnace’s adjustments can leave carbon monoxide in your home. As CO is a completely odorless and colorless gas, this can pose a serious risk.

Carbon monoxide detectors are your best defense against this danger, and if CO is detected in your home you should have your furnace inspected immediately by professionals. Call Leslie Heating & Cooling to schedule a furnace tune–up today. We’ll keep your furnace working properly and help to maintain a safe home for you.