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Up-Front Pricing Repair

Up front Pricing Repair

At Leslie Heating & Cooling, as part of our service guarantee, we offer fair pricing plans that safeguard your comfort and stay reasonable to your budget. Here is what to expect:

1. Our certified technicians will provide you with a written diagnosis of any problems so you know exactly the issue and how to correct it.

2. Often time, there is more than one way to fix something. Along with the diagnosis, the technician will provide multiple options for you to choose from. This allows you to stay within your time and cost budget.

3. Only when you choose a repair option will the technician perform any work. Without your approval and signature, no work will be done and no charges for repair will be applied. If the job takes longer than expected, you are never charged more. You stay informed and in control throughout the entire process.

Give us a call, allow us serve you with the Leslie Service Experience!