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Commercial HVAC Systems in Naperville, IL

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that when it comes to commercial HVAC systems in Naperville, IL, there are a number of different components and systems involved. Here is a breakdown of some different types of HVAC systems. If you have any questions about this information or a specific system, call Leslie Heating & Cooling to learn more.

Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units

Commercial HVAC systems often rely on rooftop units for heating and cooling. The system may consist of individual heating and cooling units connected to form multiple systems, or they may rely on packaged units. Packaged units are self–contained and can cut down on installation labor and costs. Rooftop units are kept out of sight and are often used to heat and cool office spaces, shopping centers and industrial buildings and are designed for high volume commercial output. New technologies allow for upgrades and modifications to classic rooftop designs, such as incorporating solar panels to boost energy efficiency.

Commercial Air Handlers and Blowers

An air handler is a device that conditions and circulates air throughout a structure. Air handlers are built into an HVAC system’s ductwork and controls how much air is sent out through the air conditioner or heater. A blower built into the air handler controls the dispersal of conditioned air. Air handlers are important, because they provide the proper circulation of air throughout a building and cut down on the work that the outdoor or rooftop unit has to do. A properly functioning air handler leads to optimal performance from the outdoor unit, saving you money and keeping your commercial space perfectly heated and cooled.

Commercial VAV Systems

Variable air volume systems are types of air–handling systems that adjust airflow based on changes in the HVAC system’s heating and cooling load. They do this by opening and closing dampers based on the heating and cooling needs of an area. If an area becomes too cool, for example, the VAV system will slowly close the damper to that area, restricting the flow of conditioned air. This cuts down on fan power needed, boosting efficiency.

Commercial Chillers

Commercial chillers use vapor–compression to remove heat from liquid. They are comprised of a condenser, a metering device, a compressor and an evaporator. The liquid to be chilled mixes with the refrigerant in a chamber inside the chiller. The rate of entrance is controlled by the metering device. The refrigerant absorbs the heat and is sent to compressor, where the heat is evaporate from the refrigerant, which is pumped back to a recycling tank. The remaining heat in the compressor forms vapor when mixed with air, and this vapor is vented out of the chiller.

Installing Commercial HVAC Systems in Naperville, IL

This is a lot of information, but it’s good to keep informed. If you have any questions about installing any of these commercial HVAC systems in Naperville, IL, or the surrounding areas, call Leslie Heating & Cooling to talk with a professional. We have the answers to any questions you may have.