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Commercial Property Management in Naperville, IL

Property management is a tough business and selecting the right business partners is critical to succeed!  Leslie Heating and Cooling has over 25 years of experience working directly with property managers and the board of directors representing the multifamily communities.  We have tailored our business model to provide the type of service and product solutions you demand. 

Choosing Leslie Heating and Cooling, Inc. provides property managers and their clients with more VALUE, multiplies your TIME, and will help increase your PROFITS!  

Account Representatives

We assign an account representative to every property manager and their clients so you will always deal with the same people to assure quality service with consistent results.

Accessible and Responsive

When you need us, we are there…now!  We are ready to serve and are quick to respond.  We have people who never sleep providing 24/7 service.  Well, they sleep, they just take turns!

Comprehensive Service

Some contractors only service residential, and others specialize mostly in commercial.  At Leslie Heating and Cooling we have two separate departments that specialize in not only the residential application but also the commercial application.  We service the property manager’s complete needs from standard gas furnaces, air conditioners, MagicPak self–contained residential systems, rooftop units, huge boilers, pool heaters and boilers, ventilation equipment, garage carbon monoxide detection equipment, ramp heaters, water heaters, and more.  We have a very friendly staff to work with residents and a very technical staff to work with your complicated equipment.  We provide one contact for all your mechanical needs!


We have a billing department that works hard to provide timely, accurate, and precise billing to simplify your business and save you time and energy.


Having timely reports and invoices that are readable, thorough, and detailed can really help the business flow.  We know how important this information is when communicating through multiple parties.

Service Agreements

Our preventative maintenance service agreements are carefully written to cover each manufacturers requirements for maximizing the efficiency and life of the equipment, and validating the warranties as required.  Our service agreements are simple, clear, and provide a terrific value.

Facility Inventory

By taking inventory of the HVAC equipment and providing layout designs helps all parties understand and communicate much more effectively.

Through hard work, dedication, and experience serving property managers and the board of directors of multi-unit communities, we have learned how to provide the type of service that has maintained client relationships for nearly two decades.  We are in your corner to make you look good to your clients and maintain the reputation you deserve in the association and business communities.