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Home Insulation in Naperville, IL & the Surrounding Areas

When installed correctly by qualified professionals in Naperville, IL, insulation is your best ally in energy efficiency. If the insulation in your home has been installed improperly, you could be wasting a lot of energy — and money — on heating or cooling your home inefficiently. Here is some important information about home insulation that Leslie Heating & Cooling would like to share with you.

Leslie Heating & Cooling of Woodridge, IL services the greater Chicagoland area, including Lisle, Downers Grove, Naperville and Darien.

What Does Insulation Do?

Basically insulation resists heat flow. The more that the insulation in your home is able to do this, the more efficient your home will be and the less energy you are going to waste. This will be noticeable not only in your comfort level but in the utility bills that you pay. This applies to air conditioning in the summer as well.

Heat naturally travels from warm spots to cooler ones, meaning that in winter the heat you rely on in your living space is trying to move out into unheated basements, garages, and even your own backyard. Heat loss is unavoidable as it will radiate through walls to get where it’s going. It can be greatly reduced, though, with proper insulation.

When your heat kicks on in the event that the temperature has dropped below the setting on your thermostat, it means that lost heat is being replaced. The inverse is true in the summer. When your cooling system starts up, it is removing heat that has forced its way into your home. Heat flow is constant, but insulation slows down the process.

Top Spots to Insulate

There are a lot of trouble spots where a little insulation can go a long way in terms of restricting heat flow. Attics, basements, and crawlspaces are big contributors to inefficient homes, as are the ducts of your heating and cooling system. If you notice a spike in your heating and cooling bills, you might want to have your ducts inspected. They are often located in uninsulated areas, and if the ducts themselves are not well insulated, they are extremely susceptible to heat transfer. The very foundation of your home is another likely spot that could use some insulation attention. Call us if you have questions.

Types of Insulation for Your Naperville, IL Home

When you decide that it’s time to do some insulation work on your home, call Leslie Heating & Cooling for a professional touch. There are a number of insulation choices out there, and we’ll help you decide which is right for your home. We’ll make sure that your home is ready to slow down the transfer of heat that’s costing you efficiency and money.

Blanket/Batting style insulation is very popular and is fitted between studs and beams in your home’s walls, floors and ceilings. It is made of different fibers, including fiberglass, so let our professional team help keep your insulation project safe. We’ll do it right and clean up when we’re done.

If you have a new construction project in the works and are looking for a good way to insulate your foundation and unfinished walls, think about concrete block insulation. By utilizing different foam insulations, such as polyurethane, you can be sure that as little heat is transferred through your concrete as possible. A well–insulated foundation and walls make a huge difference throughout your entire home.

Naperville, IL Insulation Experts at Leslie Heating & Cooling, Inc.

There are many other points and methods of insulating that can be utilized to make sure your home is transferring as little heat as slowly as possible. We are happy to cover all the options with you. When you need the help of qualified professionals, call the Naperville, IL insulation experts at Leslie Cooling & Heating. Our team is ready to assist you with any insulation project in your home or office, so call today!