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Leslie's High-Performance Cooling System Check or AC Troubleshooting


Leslie High-Performance Cooling System Check or AC Troubleshooting

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Our Leslie system check is easily understood when correlated to going to the doctor. By measuring and testing a systems temperatures, pressures, airflows, electrical pathways, and other particulars we gain the necessary information to properly diagnose and treat.


Troubleshooting and diagnosis of equipment operation to restore or maintain reliable operation.


Detailed evaluation of the heat exchanger to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in the home.


Verify equipment is exhausting the flue gas properly to avoid carbon monoxide spillage in the home.


Inspect all electrical connections related to the equipment to avoid any operational faults or shocking hazards.


Measure primary electrical pathways for proper energy consumption of components to increase reliability and reduce breakdown.


Test and measure air pressure and airflow in equipment and ductwork for proper operation of equipment and maximized comfort to each room in the home.


Test and measure for proper temperature rise/drop to assure equipment is not over heating and operating to its maximum efficiency and capacity.


Verify proper gas pressure to the Cooling system and assure there are no gas leaks.


Inspect various air quality systems and devices for proper operation.


Detailed analysis of internal parts of equipment to assure clean and lubricated operation to reduce breakdown.


Expand our explore, the Leslie professional is certified and highly trained, so if there are other areas of your home that might need attention, don’t hesitate to ask for his assistance.

These 10 processes literally represent well over a 100+ point detailed system check and evaluation to insure your comfort, safety, health, and efficiency!

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All So That You Can Have Peace of Mind...


Make sure every room in your home is as comfortable as possible with optimized temperature, humidity and fresh air.

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An odorless, colorless gas, carbon monoxide is a serious threat to your family and pets. Reduce your risks with regular system checks by Leslie.

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The health effects of your homes heating & cooling may be surprising. Leslie can help improve the indoor air quality of your house and make you breathe easier.

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Save some green while making the earth more green. Regular service can reduce breakdowns by 95% and lower utility bills by 30%

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We are on a mission to comfort families by providing compelling service experiences that deliver cozy indoor environments. Our 25 year history reflects a service tradition of people first. Combined with the innovation of technical solutions makes Leslie a partner you can trust.

What Leslie's Customers Said
About Their Experiences

I had a technician (Sean) perform a precision checkup on my AC and furnace. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. I have worked with a variety of heating and cooling companies in the past and Sean has been the best technician hands down. He explained everything clearly and made it easy to understand. Looking forward to doing business in the future with Leslie Heating and Cooling!

- Nate B.

Have used Leslie Heating and Cooling for years, and I'm always satisfied. The routine seasonal check was done recently by Joe P. and was very pleased with his recommendations. He went out of the way to pull out the fan and indicate where a problem might occur. Hoping to get another year out of furnace. Joe was conversational and made me feel at ease. Good Service!

- Patricia M.

I must say that I am very impressed with how responsive you have been most recently and then of course, Jim and Jennifer through the past year/year and a half. I'm so glad I stumbled upon the name, Leslie Heating. Jim has been a life saver when it came to helping us solve our heat issues in the past.

- Jennifer C.

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$33 or Free, We Guarantee (normally $129.99!)

Leslie's High-Performance Cooling System Check or AC Troubleshooting


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